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"Hanging Paintings", 2017

I was missing two aspects in Painting – appropriate portrayal of what we are and true connectivity between the art work and the viewer.

I wanted to create paintings that wouldn’t just hang on the wall as a plain visual expression of something that has happened to me or I experienced in any other way.

I needed a work that would be outlasting same things as I am, at the same time and place. I needed and a companion… I wanted to see myself, hanging on the wall in front of me.

Hanging Paintings documents and mimics one of the biggest parts of our existence that’s been with us from the very beginning
and what separates us from the others – dressing up by covering our bodies with fabric for aesthetical and functional reasons.

And most importantly textile compositions experience and depict the same physical conditions as we do – light, temperature, humidity, gravity, wind, etc.

Every single piece that I did for these series felt like a revelation to me and I keep doing them over and over again. What I love about them the most is that
they are absolutely good-for-nothing object and that nobody ever wore them and nobody will. This is Season 01 of a project Hanging Paintings.

Metal, dyed wool.

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