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Project "BB"

Questioning of a life in a simulation starte in 2016. Since then project has been seen in Tokyo, Beijing, New York, Paris, Venice, Cologne.

We live in a world where order and chaos contradict and complement each other... always and forever. Any disorders are predetermined by events that reflect a perfect structure in the system...
Installations are the renderings of this notion and that is the reasoning of why they keep on being created over and over again.
"BB" compositions are personifications of lifeless objects; most importantly - they represent nothing, a true emptiness. Which is felt every single time looking at the cloud of these black floating objects,
eagerly waiting to be forced to react to our presence... react with no message, no notion. It's just a dialog between us and them; here and now.
Which will develop into a reminiscence of an idea once balloons will deflate and the work will become non existent again.

Black Balloons are like bouquets of flowers: compositions fade away within a span of a few days, so they have to be carefully maintained or revived throughout the period of the exhibition.

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